Data Quality Tester

Test your IATI data against the Publish What You Fund Aid Transparency Index tests.

Using the Data Quality Tester

You can upload, paste or provide a link to data published using the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Standard.

If your data passes basic validation checks, the tool will then present a report on data quality, and information about the contents of your file.

Data is stored for 7 days at a randomly generated URL. You can share this link with others to support discussion of data quality.

To preview how the Data Quality Tester works, try loading some sample data.

Networked Data Test

The complex tests, as described in the technical paper, are currently excluded from the Data Quality Tester results.

Following the 2021 consultation, a new indicator: 'The Networked data test' was added to the Index. This was updated following the 2023 consultation to include a test for receiver organisations at the transaction level.

We have provided the link below to an external resource that will allow you calculate scores for this Networked data test:

Please note that this notebook does not calculate the updated test or receiver organisations at the transaction level.